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Style Guide

Code Style

Grafonnet carries no specific code style opinions. Only to use and enforce those of Jsonnet tooling. Particularly jsonnetfmt.

Running make test-update will run the repository's unit tests while updating files with jsonnetfmt. This is a good way to ensure your contributions are formatted correctly.

Component Composition

Grafonnet is, however, opinionated about component composition. This is to ensure consistency among components and hopefully keep the codebase simple.


All panels should implement the same one function interface,

All datasource targets should implement the same one function interface,

Most components are either panels or datasource targets so these two interfaces cover the bases for the most part. An exception is template which implements a function for each template type.

Mutator Functions and Chaining

Being that components are to implement a single function, they are expected to have mutator functions to build upon them. Each function should return the component itself so mutator functions can be chained. A common example is panel.addTarget for appending a datasource target.
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