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Grafana Plugin Tools

Scaffold a Grafana plugin by running one command

Easy to Use

No need to learn and configure all the build tools necessary to build a Grafana plugin. Instant plugin development environment helps you focus on coding. Easily distribute your plugin with Github workflows.

Focus on What Matters

Spend time where it matters - desiging and developing a Grafana plugin. Take advantage of unit and e2e testing to make sure your plugin is rock solid.


Under the hood we use webpack, swc, eslint, and other amazing open source projects to help you build your plugins. Everything is available as standard configs for you to extend as you please.

Get started in seconds

Whether you’re building an app, datasource or panel plugin, Create Plugin lets you focus on code, not build tools.

To create a plugin run this command:

npx @grafana/create-plugin

Easy to get started in seconds
Easy to update

Easy to Maintain

Updating your build tooling can be a daunting and time-consuming task. When new versions of Create Plugin are released, you can upgrade using a single command:

npx @grafana/create-plugin update